How to Use Escape Room for Effective Team Building


If you have never played the room escape games, then you are probably missing on the fun. Room escape games are great fun and entertainment you can have. Moreover, they are not just about entertainment but also useful for team building activities to break workplace barriers.

The main aim of team building is to boost employee morale and help them solve the business problems through a team effort. The following are different types of room escape Seattle from The Escape Artist that are both educative and fun.

Thrilling Escape Room Game Helpful for Team Building

One of the most exciting room escape is the famous hungry zombie. The rest of your team is locked in a particular room with someone acting like a hungry zombie restricted by a chain. The chain is released by one foot every five or ten minutes allowing the zombie to move even closer to grab you. The game takes approximately one hour, and by the end of this time, the zombie can reach any corner of the room. The puzzle room Seattle is laced with clues and hints to help the players solve riddles to find a hidden key to the locked door. Finding the key helps the players escape from the room to safety.

For participants to escape they have to do the following to free themselves from the hungry zombies:

  1. Communicate – this is key to helping the players get clues to hidden tips. This game involves participants working together in groups of two or three, keeping each other informed every time. The information they share is crucial for finding the hidden keys. This game is vital in fostering communication between employees and promotes teamwork. It teaches the values of cooperation without which the teams are deemed to fail. For further details regarding escape room, go to

  1. Think out of the box – this game helps participants think critically out of the box because it is an experience they have never had. This game allows participants to dig deeper into their potential and find solutions to different puzzles or riddles. Furthermore, due to the unusual setup of the game, participants are presented with situations that force them to utilize available information, find suggestions, and ideas from members and decipher what is best for them.

  1. Take the lead or choose to follow – this game provides equal opportunities for both employees and managers to either take the lead or support. This attribute helps the participants explore their leadership abilities when required to take the leadership role in certain situations to help lead the team.

The Escape Artist Seattle escape room helps in naturing cooperation and enhancing team building spirit without limiting the employees to individual performance. It helps create a cohesive workforce and solve many business-related problems reasonably.


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